Are you looking for an IT software & HR solutions partner who can ...

Enhance and maintain your enterprise applications ?
Step in at any stage of the development lifecycle ?
Help you get your products to market faster ?
Augment your staff with hard-to-find IT talent ?

Ivory Solution started with a desire to gather the best professionals into an exciting and entrepreneurial company. From there, we invested repeatedly in process discipline, technology R&D and scale. The results have been a string of customer success stories and a fast-growing business. In last couple of years, Ivory Solution has grown into a global technology consulting and HR services firm offering innovative solutions to a diversified customer base. We have a well-respected suite of software solutions in key areas. As we think that, Great work comes from a great team. Ivory Solution boasts of committed and dedicated Technical Consultants, HR Executives and their corporate Trainers from a diversified background with a passion for their work.

Our team is a combination of in-depth industry expertise in targeted business domains coupled with an ability to rapidly scale teams on short notice enables our clients to get their engagements accomplished on time and within budget.

Our team believes in pushing the limits while exploring, innovating and creating. Being passionate about quality design, development, and support services are the key aspects of our team. Our processes are designed to address our customer's needs and ensure a return on their investment. Our experience allows us to analyze customer's needs quickly and thus deliver on our promises faster than our competitors, with a firm commitment to transparency and reducing the TOC for a better return on per dollar spent.

We are flexible in our approach and believe in the concept of "skin in the game" and collaborating with our customers and our alliances. Based on your professional commitment we can partner with you to see you through an unforeseen circumstances as it may be appropriate in situations where you need a true partner. The results may be shared based on the final outcome on all such engagements.

Our Philosophy:

Our team of like-minded professionals with a breadth of skills and industry experience add value to the service we offer our clients whilst maintaining our core values of integrity ,Learning and Innovation, trust, professionalism ,quality and customer centricity. Our credibility in the business world has been built upon the team's Dynamic and Pragmatic approach which enables Ivory Solutions to adapt to diverse requirement and find the most appropriate solutions for the client. This has been pivotal in forming long term relationships with our clients and achieving high levels of Customer Delight Good business leaders create a vision, fulfill it with passion and drive it with an undeterminable force onto the path of success. And so do

Our Approach:

1.Define Opportunity : Investigate and Identify learning opportunity.
2. Develop solutions: Investigate and Identify learning opportunity.
3. Deliver solutions: We follow a holistic methodology to achieve:
4. Individual Goal: Achieve personal goals, which in turn, enhances the individual contribution to an organization.
5. Organizational Goal: Attain the organization with its primary objective by bringing individual effectiveness.
6. Functional Goal:Enhance department's contribution at a level suitable to the organization's needs.
7. Societal Goal: Ensure that an organization is ethically and socially responsible to the needs and challenges of the society.
8. Demonstrate Effectiveness: We have a rigorous measurement process in place, with measurements at multiple levels. Our aim is to produce positive, measurable results for our clients.